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Choosing and Caring for Stone Countertops

We’ve learned a lot about granite, marble, quartz and other stone surfaces over the course of our careers. Learn more about the different stone materials available and get information on best practices for caring for stone countertops from the experts at Bay StoneWorks.
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Quartz vs Granite: Choosing the Countertop That's Right for You

In the world of countertops, granite has been the official status symbol since the 1990s, but quartz is quickly gaining ground as the high-end countertop of choice. Here's what to consider to choose the countertop that's right for you.

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Quartz vs Quartzite: Choosing the Countertop That's Right for You

Quartz and quartzite may sound like the same thing, but they are two different materials that vary in origin, style, durability, and maintenance.

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Caring for Your Quartz Kitchen Countertop

With any of the top quality name brand quartz, cleaning and maintenance is a snap, and these countertops are fairly hard to damage—however, not impossible. Read on for tips on how to keep your new quartz kitchen countertop looking great.

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Caring for Your Granite Kitchen Countertop

A granite countertop will last for decades, but it does need some periodic maintenance and you’ll want to use a little extra caution to protect it from damage.

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Caring for Your Marble Kitchen Countertop

The maintenance and care you give your marble countertop will be similar to other natural stones like granite, travertine, or soapstone, however, marble does have a few particularities that you’ll need to watch out for.

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